Vision: Provide therapy and teach life principles to children with disabilities through partnering with horses.

(Finding ways to partner with horses to provide therapy and teach life principles to children with disabilities).

Mission: HALTER and its horses enhance the lives of children with challenges through equine assisted activities.

H - Horsemanship
A - Ability above disability
L - Learning through growth and development
T - Trust
E - Enjoyment
R - Relationship building
  • Provide therapy that makes a positive impact on children's lives.
  • Provide a safe and caring environment.
  • Provide quality trained and certified professionals.
  • Provide appropriate training and an encouraging atmosphere for a committed core of dedicated volunteers.
  • Provide healthy and well trained horses.
  • Provide appropriate environment and care for our horses.
  • Provide leadership to improve organization.

1400 Carolina Country Club Road,

Spartanburg, SC 29302

Tel: 864-586-1671

Fax: 888-867-2795