Vision: To provide therapeutic activities and teach life principles to children with challenges through partnering with horses.

Mission: HALTER and its horses enhance the quality of life of children with challenges through equine assisted activities.

*HALTER originally provided services to both children and adults, and in 2018 the Board of Directors decided to only provide services to children, up to the age of 22 if they are in the public-school system. 



   H- Horsemanship

   A- Ability above disability

   L- Learning through growth and development

   T- Trust

   E- Enjoyment

   R- Relationship Building

HALTER embraces a One Health approach: with the goal of achieving optimal health outcomes recognizing the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment.


  1.  Continue to provide equine assisted activities that enhance the quality of life of our children with challenges and meet the needs of our community

2.  Maintain a safe and caring environment 


3. Maintain a staff of qualified and certified/ registered professionals


4. Continue to provide and improve appropriate training and an encouraging atmosphere for volunteers


5. Maintain healthy and well-trained horses  


6. Maintain being financially stable and increase our resources

7. HALTER will continually embrace being a Learning Organization