Our Miracle Workers: Meet the HALTER Horses

These horses serve more than 125 riders each week. Each horse has specific traits that make him perfect for certain riders, from our hippotherapy  to therapeutic riding lessons. Supporting our horses is a crucial way to make sure the most impact is made in the lives of our riders. We are so grateful for Carolina Farm and Wildlife and Will Montgomery who donate the feed and to the Spartanburg Animal Clinic who donates vet care to all of the horses. Horses still come with a lot of expenses; HALTER pays a minimum of $1,200 per horse each year. Help us by adopting a HALTER horse for the year. It can be as simple as $100 each month!


Please place the amount and the name of the horse the donation goes to and we will send you a picture in the mail.


I am a 10 year old Palomino Paint gelding. I am learning quickly and have really excelled in my first experiences in class. I love being loved on by the kids and am excited to continue growing in my role as a HALTER horse!


I am a 16 year old Pony who loves eating and sneaking out of any open gate, so watch out! I lived at Stono Ferry Farm on John's Island where I was a lesson pony. As you can see, I was born to teach! Best thing about HALTER is not only the riders, but also my good friend Bobby!


I’m a Halfinger horse. Like my buddy Rascal, I’m 15, but I’m the only draft horse here at HALTER. I get to work with the riders who need a solid foundation and a very stable level of support. I am super strong – I can easily carry twice as much weight as Rascal – and I’m best known for my beautiful mane and tail. 


I am a Kentucky Mountain horse (gaited). I'm 9 years old. My owner lives in Virginia and bought me specifically to be a therapy horse. I worked in another program since I was five, and I'm really glad to be back working with kids and making them smile!


I am an 8 year old bay Standardbred. My owner, Sabine, runs a standardbred rehoming farm for ex race horses in Pennsylvania. I like to pick things up with my mouth and chew on them. I love people and, why not? ATTENTION.


I am a 16 year old Tennessee Walking Horse that is an experienced pro! I came from an awesome program in Virginia and HALTER’s riders have loved my big moving walk and my very special, smooth gait.  I am very friendly and love to cuddle with the handlers while I am getting ready for class. 


My full name is actually Matthew, but I go by Mattie. I’m 23 and I came to HALTER from Columbia, S.C. My specialty is being a calm, gentle partner for my riders. I make deep connections with my riders and I love to bring them joy, whether that’s through laps around the arena or some bonding time on the ground.


I may only be 13 hands tall, but I run this herd and make sure everyone is in their place.  I’m everyone’s favorite “skunky pony” and I have a talent for doing tricks! Many smaller riders learn to trot thanks to my help, including those working towards independent riding. When I need to be, I am just the right challenge!  


I am a very handsome Quarter Horse gelding who lives up to his name.  I have a beautiful “red” coat, mane and tail.   I have a very calm and quiet personality and one of the smoothest trots in the herd!  I excel in class with a wide variety of riders and am a very steady mount for riders moving up from a pony to a larger horse.


I am a big, tall Quarter Horse gelding who loves napping in the sun and hanging out with my best friend, Buck.  Even though I am tall, I am so sweet and gentle that I can connect with even the smallest rider.  I am one of the newest horses in the program and I am really learning to love my job and make friends in my herd!

My friends call me Racer. I am a retired saddlebred pacer racehorse, I’ve ran over 250 races in my lifetime. I am from Johnsonville, SC where I used to live with my owner Erika Pardee- Murry. My favorite things are carrots and rolling in the dirt. 

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