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Meet Our Horses

Our Miracle Workers: Meet the HALTER Horses

Our horses give temporary legs to children with mobility challenges. They help strengthen muscles weakened by cerebral palsy. They teach children how to control their behaviors.  And best of all, our horses create laughter and joy in an alternate setting!  

Being a therapy horse is an incredibly special job. It requires patience, tolerance, good health, and wonderful manners. This is not a job for just any horse.  Our horses (and ponies), are all geldings (neutered males) and most have had careers prior to joining our herd. Some have carried their riders along the trails, others have won blue ribbons in the show ring, and some of our newer horses were racing harness horses.  Each horse goes through a rigorous evaluation period prior to being accepted. Many of our horses are on long-term free leases to HALTER but will retire back with their owners. HALTER owns the other horses.

Our horses require daily feeding, care of their feet every six weeks, and routine health care, including shots, twice each year.  Routine expenses for the herd are usually about $25,000 per year. Contact Nancy Paschall if you are interested in sponsoring a therapy horse!

white horse brown nose

I am a paint Buckskin. My size makes me a popular choice for smaller riders and volunteers. I am 19 years old and appreciate kind words and soft strokes from my riders.


I am 20 years old and excel at standing very still so our most challenged riders  can take their time getting mounted.I am a Halflinger, bred to work in the mines but also great at carrying riders who need support from their sidewalkers


I am a very handsome Quarter Horse gelding who lives up to his name. I am 25 years old & have a beautiful “red” coat, mane and tail.   I have a very calm and quiet personality and one of the smoothest trots in the herd!  I excel in class with a wide variety of riders and am a very steady mount for riders moving up from a pony to a larger horse. 


I am a 11 year old Appaloosa gelding. I came to HALTER in November 2020. I have a little trouble seeing out of one eye, but that does not keep me from learning my new job and carrying my riders safely.


I am a 16 year old Standardbred. I used to race and have competed in over 250 races. Now I am happy to go a little slower so my horse leaders can keep up. My sweet nature in the arena is evident.


I am an 11 year old Paint Tennessee Walking Horse and am the newest arrival to HALTER. I have a smooth gait and am enjoying my new job after a career as a show horse. I am from Virginia and from the same farm as Mick. 


I am a 19 year old Pony who loves eating and sneaking out of any open gate, so watch out! I lived at Stono Ferry Farm on John's Island where I was a lesson pony. As you can see, I was born to teach! Best thing about HALTER is not only the riders, but also my good friend Bobby!

mick jagger.jpg


I am a Kentucky Mountain horse (gaited). I'm 11 years old. My owner lives in Virginia and bought me specifically to be a therapy horse. I worked in another program since I was five, and I'm really glad to be back working with kids and making them smile!


I am 21 years old and may only be 13 hands tall, but I run this herd and make sure everyone is in their place.  I’m everyone’s favorite “skunky pony” and I have a talent for doing tricks! Many smaller riders learn to trot thanks to my help, including those working towards independent riding. When I need to be, I am just the right challenge!  


My size might intimidate some, but I am a teddy bear wearing horse clothes. At 16 hands, I am one of the tallest HALTER horses. I am a 19 year old Quarter horse and am a lifelong Spartanburg resident.


I am the smallest HALTER horse but I have enough personality for two horses! I help the very smallest riders learn to ride. I was trained just like the police horses so I have seen lots of things that might scare a bigger horse.


My name is Blaze. I am the newest member of the HALTER herd. Because I arrived in the summer, I am excited to meet all of the regular riders this fall. I am about the same size as Buck and Tucker and I was named for my white blaze that runs down the middle of my face. I love meeting new people.